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Service guidelines: How to care for your Cadillac XT5


When you purchased a Cadillac XT5 at Hill Cadillac in Newtown Square, PA  , you made an extraordinary investment. The Cadillac XT5 is the best-selling Cadillac model so it's the standard-bearer for the entire Cadillac lineup. It's also a very well-crafted automobile, which means it needs regular maintenance to give you the great return you expect on your investment: reliable performance. Here are some service guidelines that can help. 

How often should you change your oil in a Cadillac XT5?

In the past, Cadillac service advisors recommended changing your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. That, however, was based on conventional motor oil. With today's advanced synthetic oil, many vehicles can do well with oil changes every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. Of course, your vehicle may need more frequent oil changes, depending on how you drive. The best course of action is to establish an oil change plan with a Cadillac technician.

What kind of oil should you use in your Cadillac XT5?

At Hill Cadillac, we recommend using synthetic motor oil for a precision machine like a Cadillac XT5. One reason is because synthetic oils use a better quality base oil, while conventional motor oil is less refined. That's why synthetic oil is more chemically stable and more resistant to breakdown. That's also why synthetic oil provides higher-level lubrication longer than conventional oil as you drive around Chesterbrook or  Wayne PA. 

What other fluids need servicing in your Cadillac XT5?

While regular oil changes are the most fundamental maintenance task, other important parts of your Cadillac XT5 also require maintenance. For example, your XT5 brakes will benefit from a periodic change of brake fluid. We also recommend checking your power steering fluid. We can do that with every oil change, topping it off or recommending new fluid when appropriate. Ask us to monitor all your XT5's vital fluids.

How often do you need to rotate your tires?

To get maximum life from your tires, we recommend rotating your tires every time you do an oil change. In fact, regular tire rotation is usually required in order to maintain the warranty coverage on your tires. In addition, we can examine your tires at every oil change to make sure you have adequate tread depth and that your tires are wearing evenly. Tire rotation will help with that, but regular wheel alignment is just as important. Ask us about it.

How do you make sure your battery won't let you down?

A battery can lose its power gradually, and the signs aren't as visible as the loss of tread depth on your tires. The expert technicians in our Certified Service center can check your battery with every oil change. We can make sure the battery is still charging properly. We can also clean your battery connections and cables, eliminating corrosion that can shorten battery life. If you need a new battery, we have plenty of very good ones in stock.

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