Do you need to adjust the clock in your Cadillac XT5 in the Newtown Square area? Whether you need to make a change for Daylight Saving Time or you like to set your clock a little ahead because it keeps you punctual, we can help you figure out how to set the clock in your Cadillac XT5. Fortunately, setting the clock only takes a few steps, so it takes only seconds to get the job done. To get started, find a safe place to power up your vehicle and follow these easy steps.

Adjusting the Clock

There are two ways to go about adjusting the clock in your Cadillac XT5 near Chesterbrook, PA. Both methods involve the touchscreen in your vehicle's infotainment system. Here is a breakdown of the first method:

  • From the Home screen on your touchscreen, select the gear-shaped Settings button
  • Select Time and Date
  • From here, you can choose to sync your clock automatically or set your time, date, and time zone manually using either a 12-hour or 24-hour display

The second method is a shortcut. Simply tap the clock on your touchscreen. Doing so will bring up the same clock adjustment screen, allowing you to make changes and skip a few steps in the process. Your owner's manual can also help you navigate your car's clock and other tech features, and you can always connect with us if you have any questions about anything regarding your vehicle in the Wayne, PA area.

Contact Us with Questions

We're here to help, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us at our Cadillac dealership serving West Chester, PA and Wilmington, DE if you need assistance with your clock or any other facets of your Cadillac XT5. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your vehicle, and we hope to connect with you soon.

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